Very often life events can knock us sideways unexpectedly. We can find ourselves struggling to cope. There can be confusion, frustration, anger, anxiety and depression as we try to make sense of our emotions.

It may be that we have always had a sense of not feeling quite right or we can suddenly find ourselves in an uncomfortable place which (no matter how hard we try) we can’t seem to get out of.

I offer a safe, accepting space within which thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical sensations can be explored and understood, to make connections and find solutions. I hope to help clients understand their unconscious reactions and triggers, to regulate their emotions more effectively and to enjoy more healthy and functioning relationships.

Counselling can help build better relationships, make sense of the past, build self-esteem and self-worth, to be able to manage difficult events, and feeling more positive.

Counselling is effective for both adults and young people. Life too can be tough for teenagers, so it can be helpful if they have someone outside of their family and friends to talk to and share their concerns and difficult experiences.

Where it is difficult to express thoughts and feelings verbally, creative art activities are very often helpful, and work alongside talking therapies to bring unconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface for greater self-understanding and awareness.


Each session is for approximately 50 minutes and take place at my home address, ideally on a weekly basis. The amount of sessions required will vary depending on the issues and how the work progresses. Generally 12 sessions can be helpful. We can review at various stages to look at how the work is progressing.

“The capacity to fully experience ones feelings, particularly when they are intense and/or painful, is greatly enhanced by being able to do so together with a supportive, empathic, and emotionally present other.” Fosha, 2001, p.229.