“Thank you for always being there. For helping me feel good about myself but, most of all, for teaching me that life does get better.” (Teenage client)

“Gill was lovely and very helpful. I owe it to her for making me strong again. I now believe in myself and don’t blame myself for other people’s actions. “(Adult client)

“Thank you for giving our son back his confidence and strategies to feel he can face things he needs to. Your work has been fantastic.”(Play therapy client parents)

“Over the 8 years that Gill offered Play Therapy to pupils in school, she supported a wide range of needs, making a positive impact on the lives of some of our most vulnerable children. Children learned strategies to support their emotions more healthily which enabled them to begin to regulate their behaviours and taker a fuller and more engaged approach to their learning. We saw children become more confident and resilient and better able to concentrate in class and tolerate making mistakes. Relationships with their peers and adults improved as they were able to be more cooperative and less oppositional. “(Kate Bulman, Head, Baguley Hall Primary School)

“Thank you for being there and for caring. You’ve helped me more than I ever could wish. I’m not down in the dumps, I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up.”(Teenage client)

“I liked Gill and found her easy to talk to. My depression has more or less gone. I have not had any anxiety attacks for some time.”(Adult client)

“I can thoroughly recommend Gill as a person centred supervisor. I have always found her to be warm, curious and very knowledgeable. Because of her vast experience, she can relate to and empathise with the difficulties of being a school based practitioner. She has enabled me to find solutions to client and practice issues with her clever way of asking the right questions and providing nuggets of information. “ (Supervisee)